Battery Manufacturing

Battery cells assembled into holder - 3D printed by Stratasys.

Battery cells assembled into module – 3D printed by Stratasys.

Our battery manufacturing process ramped up to full steam today with the welding of modules for one of the two battery packs for Daedalus. The two completed battery packs for WSC 2013 cruiser class will weigh 63 kilograms, more than three times that of our previous cars.

These new battery modules to hold the 18650-size lithium cells were 3D printed by Stratasys.


These 3D printed parts consistently maintained a snug fit on every cell in the module and enabled our team to rapidly go from CAD drawings to having high-quality parts ready for manufacturing.

Our custom-built battery welder.

Our custom-built battery welder.

These cells are all welded together to a single nickel plate, cut for us by Diamond Metal Products.

Nickel plate – cut by Diamond Metal Products


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